The Fairer Sex and War

Posted: May 15, 2012 in Military, Uncategorized
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War is a man’s game. That’s what I have heard some of the old and bold say from time to time. Sure, women are needed – for things like administrative tasks, cooking, some of the medical jobs but keep them away from the nitty gritty side of things that make a War. Fighting. Violence. Destruction. Death. Leave that to the men.

This is still said despite the fact that more and more service women are serving on the front line of various War’s being fought throughout this world. I myself have served with a number of females and have done so proudly. A persons sex has nothing to do with their ability to soldier and to do their job when put in harms way. A IED doesn’t care what sex you are, male or female it will still rip apart your body with unashamed joy should you step into it’s path. A bullet will still find it’s target and take away your life with no thought as to your gender. All it cares about is doing what it was made for – to kill. All the Enemy see are Infidels that need to be cleansed from the face of this planet in the most horrific possible ways that they can think off. Male or female these foreign fighters are all Devils from the West. So whether or not you wear a pair of boxer shorts or a pair of knickers under your kit, or you have a picture of the biggest boy band of the day up on your pod wall as opposed to a picture of the latest glamour model doesn’t make the slightest difference to the nature of warfare and war fighting. Whatever your gender you will still bleed the same and die the same should your time come.

The men who have this view (I would say ‘out-dated’ view but it has never been an ‘in date’ view) obviously do not know their history. Females have been involved in War fighting for as long as there has been Warfare. Whether it be the women who used to stay back with their villages hundreds of years ago and defend themselves, their children and their livelihoods from marauding warriors who appeared out of the sea mists on their longboats while their men were away fighting somewhere else or the women who more recently proved their worth in clandestine operations of WW2 or the women that fight side by side with their male counterparts in the Israeli Armed Forces. Women have proven themselves time and time again as being more than capable of the same kind of professionalism and heroics as their male counterparts when the time arises. It’s not our sex that makes us what we are, it is what is inside off us that counts when the shit hits the fan. Until that time, until the first round goes down then none of us know how we will react. I have seen men who during quiet times would appear to be the strongest that we have falter and break when the violence commences and I have seen women stand their ground with the best of them.

So I got thinking about this after a female colleague of mine from the US Marine Core took four rounds the other day while out on patrol – one to the hand, one to the arm and two to the legs – out of the other Marines with her on the patrol one of them was hit in the leg and another took one to the face sending him rapidly to the finale RV. Prior to that they had been in a vehicle that got hit by an IED and was knocked onto it’s side. Somehow they all crawled out of the wreckage with nothing but a few bruises between them and took stock of the situation and were probably, until the gunman struck, thinking how lucky they had just been to get out of that ok. The enemy who opened fire on them did so from a field of wheat next to the track where their vehicle had been hit and was more than likely the one who triggered the detonation. He dropped the patrol commander with a hit to the head and then another Marine with a shot to the leg. While other Marines dived for cover this woman, this female, this member of the fairer sex who should be anywhere but on the front line, moved towards the enemy and engaged him with her rifle before being hit herself in a burst of automatic fire. Her actions gave the guys who had dived for cover the essential few seconds that they needed to get a control of themselves and deal with the situation. Milliseconds later the bad guy was dropped with a round to the head from another Marine ending that few seconds of chaos which had ended one life and changed two others forever.

She, along with the other injured Marine and the one that was killed will receive a Purple Heart and a Combat Action Ribbon for their actions and that will be it. Nothing more is needed. They are and were proud to be in the US Marine Core and serve their country and each other. And there will be a few men on that patrol who will be glad of the fact that she wasn’t stuck back at some office doing an admin job, or cooking or anything else that would involve her being kept out of an environment that only men should be in.

“Bravery doesn’t mean you aren’t scared. It means you go anyway”.


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