The Dream

Posted: July 14, 2013 in Uncategorized

I am sat in a vehicle in my Dad’s old yellow work van in London waiting for him to come from somewhere. As I sit there I can see a Tiger walking along the pavement, weaving its way through the oncoming rush hour crowds, making its way towards me. It’s bright green eyes are staring directly at mine. I know that it is coming for me but I don’t feel any fear just a kind of apprehension. The Tiger stops in front of my Dad’s van and just stares. I feel an overwhelming desire to get out of the van and go to it. I can’t open the door and someone that I can not recognize even though I know that I should be able too stands in front of the Tiger and starts pushing it away from me back into the crowds of people walking by until it is swallowed up and I can no longer see it.

I am now the Tiger and I am running through an emerald green jungle being chased by something that is putting the fear of God into me. I know that my life is in danger if I stop and no matter what I must keep running. I jump into a fast flowing sparkling clear river and let the current carry me along with it knowing that whatever is chasing me can not follow me into this water. The water is pure, clean, untouched and washing away my fear.

I am on the bank of the river at the edge of a large green clearing in the middle of the jungle. On the far side of the clearing I can just make out a shimmering white building that looks like something from British colonial times every-time that it comes into focus. Between myself and the building there are hundreds of children running around, playing games, laughing and singing. Walking among these children there are old men in robes of varying colors who all carry old looking staffs as they make there way through the crowds of playing children. There is a huge sense of calmness, compassion and love emanating out of these men. There is no threat and the place feels safe. I stalk through the clearing forcing children and old men move out of my way to let me through. I have an overwhelming desire to strike out and destroy everything that I see but every-time that I think I am close enough to strike someone they move just out of my reach. The children are laughing but not at me I think – it’s more the kind of laughter that ones hears when someone is happy and enjoying themselves. The old men have all stopped and are watching me. They watch me and there is kindness in their eyes. I don’t fear them but I feel that they should fear me and it irritates me that they don’t.

I am now alone in the clearing. Something is stalking towards me from the white building. Whatever it is I know that it is the thing that was chasing me in the jungle and that I now have nowhere to run. I have to stand my ground and fight. The thing that has been chasing me is a huge Grizzly Bear. He is old, probably the oldest creature that I have seen. His fur is matted and he is covered in scars. His eyes are pin points of yellow light surrounded by darkness. He stops a few yards in front of me and even though I know that I am big and should be feared because of what I am he towers over me and shows no fear. The Bear just stands there, swaying slightly side to side, watching me with them eyes. Mocking me. I can almost see the fury, anger and rage pouring out of him. His strength is never ending and he is there to kill me. I prepare myself and as I do I feel my muscles tensing throughout my whole body, my claws flexing and I growl as I prepare to throw myself at my Death determined to make it as hard as possible for him to take my life.

A young man, maybe even a boy still, appears in between us. He is not scared of either of these beasts that he stands between and as he looks at me and smiles I know that I recognize him. He wont hurt us and is no threat. The Bear, Death, and myself both sit down on our haunches. The Boy places one hand flat in-between the eyes of the Bear and the other flat between mine and then closes his eyes. He takes his hands away, turns to face the Bear and in his hand he has something which he gives to him. The Bear stands back up, looks at me with those eyes one more time before turning away from me and walks back towards the white building. I just sit there and watch as he slowly disappears into the haze not looking back at me once.

I am now alone and the Boy has disappeared without me noticing.


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