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I haven’t gone ‘soft’ as one of my good friends suggested. I am just saying that people need to take a step back and take check of what it is that they are kicking off about. There is a huge difference between someone who comes from a different culture to ours and follows a belief system that is alien to or not in line with how we live our life and the one that the Extremists who wish to demonize our way of life and do nothing but create hate and cause harm have.

For instance, these subhumans (and I do not use this word lightly – anyone who spends most of their waking moments promoting violence , murder, mutilation and the suffering of those that do not believe in the same thing as they is barley human in my opinion) who we see on the TV and in newspapers standing on their soap boxes promoting violent attacks on UK soil, against its citizens and other Western countries while saying that this is the way of Islam and that anyone faithful to that religion should heed their words – I have nothing but ill feelings towards them. Their so called ‘Islam’ is a very fucked up and warped version of the real Islam which is so far from what they promote it is unbelievable and I can not even begin to fathom how they translate what they read in the Holy Koran into the words that they belch out of their mouths when ‘preaching’ on the streets of the UK. These sad, twisted, misguided, angry, violent poor excuses for ‘men’ have no place in our society – they are, because of the conviction of their words, a very real and dangerous threat to everyone of every faith (including the one that they supposedly fight for) that wishes to live as peacefully as they can in a Democratic society. In fact I would go as far to say that these creatures have no place in the World period as their foul rhetoric’s lead to nothing but pain and violence in the long run, promotes the anti-Islamic feeling that runs deep in Western countries at the moment  and adds to the already extremely volatile and violent World that we live in. However, we are now Governed by the European Courts of Human Rights and the old days of where you could deal with people like this in an appropriate, cost effective manner have long gone and now we have to take into consideration their feelings, health, living conditions, their views and the right that they have to express their opinions on everyone that doesn’t fall into line with the way that they believe we should all be living. Seems fair to me.

Now don’t mistake what I have written above as meaning that I only despise the spreaders of lies and hate from a certain religion and background. I haven’t forgotten about nor do I have any love for our very own British National Party or any of their affiliates. These uneducated, pig headed, weak men and women who look like a bunch of inbred’s in ill fitting suits (when donning their public face) who feed off the fear that is caused by a lack of understanding and lack of seen positive action by our Government against the Extremists are just as bad as those that they claim to stand against. Once upon a time the men and women that made up these groups were the ones making the headlines for the wrong reasons. They were the villains of the time spreading messages of hate, mistrust and instigating acts of violence. Apparently they now represent the British public’s best interests and have our backs. Get to fuck. These creatures don’t have anyone’s back or anyone’s ‘best’ interests at heart except their own. They, like the Islamic Extremist, pray on the weak, vulnerable and uneducated who they then manipulate into their way of thinking so that they can further their own cause. Personally I’d like to see them kicked back into the gutters and back ally’s that they came from which is probable too much to ask for in this current climate.

Back in the day – I’m talking way back – when the whole World was at War (or at the very least a large amount of it was) the Free World was pretty much united in it’s fight against Hitlers Nazi Germany. Now I am not about to give a history lesson and go into the in’s and out’s of  this conflict, we all know the history of it (unless you are American then you have your own version of events) and we’ve seen the movies and read the books. But I have mentioned it for a reason and that is the fact that an entire generation of people fought and gave their lives purely to stop the spread of Nazism which in it’s most basic form was an ideological belief that everyone should be living under one banner, one law, one belief system. It encouraged discrimination, segregation and was enforced through fear, violence and just out right murder. If you didn’t agree with the views of that system or if you fell into a certain ethnic group that didn’t fit into that system you were ridiculed, ostracized from the community and in a lot of cases killed. Plain and simple. And it fucks me of no end that people just seem to have forgotten how many men and women gave up their lives so that we could be free of that kind of oppression.  The British National Party now have seats in Parliament.  Their roots come from the very same ideology that our forefathers fought against and back in the day (I now speak of my younger years and from experience) the men and women that made up the British National Party and their affiliates were those people that we see in some films – shaven headed, Swastika daubed, violent, angry people who’s hatred against anyone not White British knew no bounds. And now because they wear ill fitting suits, have grown their hair out, moved into offices, use big words and sit in Parliament we are supposed to listen to them and respect their views. I say again – get to fuck. The Islamic Extremists are exactly the same as what these men and women were years ago – the only difference is in the way the commit their acts of violence. They religiously believe in something and they will commit extreme acts of violence against anyone who does not fall into place with how they think things should be – whatever your color, race or religious belief. And the fact that these groups are openly stood in front of us all on a daily basis preaching their form of hatred freely mocks everything that has been achieved in the past. It’s a fucking joke and we should be embarrassed by what we have let happen on our very own doorstep and by what we have become.

And what is the solution and who can we blame? I have no idea but I do know that despite everyone’s feelings towards the Government we can not hold them solely responsible. For sure they have misrepresented the people of this country and our needs for a long time now. Through their lack of leadership this country has hit rock bottom, crime has rocketed, we are in a financial crisis and the angry and displaced people are flocking to the cause of the Extremists on both sides. It’s the best recruiting drive that they have ever had. The Public hold a lot of the blame as we are the ones who put the people in power into the positions that they are in and when it all starts going wrong what do we do? We mumble and gesture angrily over a pint in our local, shake our heads in despair as we read the daily rag or ‘tut tut’ loudly during the adverts that break up our evening session of mind numbly shit sitcoms. Basically we do nothing. The only ones who actively do anything are the people and groups that are the very last ones that we should ever be allowing to represent our needs.

The way I see it the Government is there to serve the people and not the other way round. And also the Government of any country is only as strong or as weak as the people that put it in power and right now we are anything but strong.

Fucking hell. Second rant over.


OK, finally have snapped a little bit at all of the obnoxious, racists, uneducated posts that I keep seeing pop up in the feed on Facebook.

Muslims, like Jews, Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists and countless other religious faiths have and always will be part of our society. I grew up in a multicultural society surrounded by people of all colors, races and faiths. In school I visited different places of worship as part of my religious education, took part in different festivals and was taught to respect different peoples opinions and beliefs. I have worked with people from different cultures and of various faiths for most of my adult life and have never had a problem of any significance. Back in the day people were worried about groups such as the BNP and C18 and now they are fucking accepted as being part of our society and almost looked at as being an British Institution fighting for the rights of the Englishman and his family. Get to fuck. This is all down to 9/11 plain and simple.

So what happened then was, mainly thanks to hysteria caused by the Governments and the press, everyone decided that the Islamic World must be aiming for World domination. Really? Those of you who have been to some of the more remote Islamic countries (thanks to 9/11) will know that some of these places are so far behind the rest of the world and have such a lack of basic things, such as education, medical facilities and sanitation that they can barely wipe their own backsides let alone take over the planet. Of course there are issues within the religion – as in the more extreme views held by certain radicals and groups that follow Islam. But these animals make up such a small minority of the faith it is unbelievable (that doesn’t mean that they are not a threat and very dangerous – they do need to be dealt with). And every religion has these groups – there are extremists in every faith. In America you still have lunatics dressed as Casper the Friendly Ghost running around in the name of God terrorizing the Black community. Catholics attack Protestants and vice verse in Northern Ireland. There are people in every religion who will do fucking nasty shit in the name of that religion. It doesn’t mean that everyone who follows that faith is the same.

So now what we get is extremist groups such as the BNP, EDL and other groups scaremongering the British public into thinking that this time next week pork will be off the menu, women will have to cover up (not such a bad thing in some cases)  and we will all be praying five times a day. Then you have the Islamic extremists who are scaremongering the Muslim communities and telling all of the youth there that the big bad Englishman is coming to get them and that we are going to destroy their way of life, force them to eat Pork, shave their beards and force them to wipe their backsides with toilet paper. So they do what you and I would do if we felt threatened – they fight back, and they do stupid shit that offends us so then the fucking morons in the BNP/EDL jump on that bandwagon and before you know it stupid shit is being done to them. And it goes round and round like that. It’s a vicious circle that has been played out again and again over the years and centuries by hundreds of different groups and individuals – both religious and political for various gains. 

So what needs to be done is that the extremists need to leave or be locked up – it is as simple as that. Whether they be Islamic or other. The BNP need be knocked back to where they came from – drink fueled back ally meetings where they danced to shit music, bummed each other and gave each other shit tattoos. And the Islamic ones need to be sent to some dark place where they can pray, drink whiskey, bum each other and watch American movies whilst moaning about how evil the West is. Or just double tap them all to the back of their heads. Whatever is easier and costs less to the tax payer. Then people just need to be educated as to what extremism is and how an extremist group does not represent the whole community.

Fucking hell. Rant over.